Stanford Center for
Biomedical Ethics


The Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics is dedicated to interdisciplinary research and  edcuation in biomedical ethics, and provides  clinical and research ethics consultation.  SCBE serves as a scholarly resource on  emerging ethical issues raised by medicine  and biomedical research.

Current Grants
SCBE brings in a significant number of grants from federal sources as well as from private foundations.  

SCBE Publications
SCBE faculty publish often in leading journals.

Faculty Presentations
Faculty actively  give talks around the country.

SCBE Recent Publications
  • Cho, MK, McGee, G and Magnus, D   Lessons of the stem cell scandal.  Science 2006 311:614-5.
  • Grainger-Monsen, M. and Karetsky, K.  The Mind in the Movies: A Neuroethical Analysis of the Portrayal of the Mind in Popular Media, in Neuroethics: Defining the Issues in Research, Practice and Policy.  Oxford University Press.
  • Magnus, D and Cho, MK  A commentary on oocyte donation for stem cell research in South Korea.  Am J Bioethic 2006 6:W23-4.

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