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Inside Stanford Medicine, 09/22/14
--Videos explain concepts of clinical research
Bioethicists are releasing videos and policy guidelines that aim to promote more ethical comparative-effectiveness research within medical practices. David Magnus, the Thomas A. Raffin Professor and director of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics (SCBE), is leading a study that explores the ethical implications of this kind of research. Mildred Cho, professor of pediatrics and associate director of the SCBE; senior scholar Sandra Soo-Jin Lee; Philip Lavori, professor and chair of health research and policy; Steven Alexander, professor of pediatrics; David Rosenthal, professor of pediatrics; and Glenn Chertow, professor of medicine, are also mentioned in this piece., 09/12/14
--A new study supports female athletes unfairly excluded from sport
This piece discusses the ongoing debate over sex verification in sports. The work of Katrina Karkazis, senior research scholar at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, is referenced here.

--Precognitive police Predictive policing could help prevent crime. But do we want a future where computer oracles and spies track us from birth?
Colleen Berryessa and Hank Greely are quoted in this article on


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