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In the News February 2014

Boston Globe, 02/26/14
--New study suggests prenatal genetic tests could be offered to all pregnant women
A new blood test offers pregnant women a safe and much more accurate way to screen for Down syndrome. Hank Greely, with the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, provides comment here and in a piece on Shots (, 02/05/14
--To catch a killer gene: Sisters race to stop mystery disease
This piece focuses on two sisters suffering from an unidentified, incurable genetic disorder, which also claimed several generations of family members. Hank Greely, with the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics (SCBE), provides comment.

Inside Stanford Medicine (online), 02/05/14
--5 Questions: David Magnus on understanding brain death
In this Q&A, David Magnus explains why he believes that the laws and ethics governing brain death should not be changed. Magnus is the Thomas A. Raffin Professor and director of the SCBE.

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