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MED 255: Responsible Conduct of Research

Course Information

Welcome to the Responsible Conduct of Research  (RCR) Course, Med 255.

Each class will be a discussion session based on cases and dilemmas that will be handed out to participants at the beginning of each class. Participants are also free to bring up situations that they have heard about or experienced themselves.

There are assigned readings for each class, and the discussions will draw heavily on the assigned readings. There is a study guide assignment to be filled out as the readings and completed and turned in at each class meeting.

Because we must comply with copyright laws, you will need to log in to gain access to the readings. This information will be e-mailed to registrants and will be announced on the first day of class.

NIH Certification
This course fulfills NIH requirements for training in research ethics. Documentation of attendance is very important, so you must sign the attendance sheet. There will be a makeup assignment if you miss a class, and only two classes can be missed during the quarter.

Because these courses fill very quickly, we strongly encourage you to enroll for the course you want on the day that Axess opens for the term in which you wish to take the course. Postdocs and others unable to register via Axess contact Paula Bailey on the day Axess opens for the term. We are unable to keep a waitlist from term to term

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